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2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 Build

When we heard about how well the 2011 Ford 5.0L Mustangs were running stock we could not wait to get our hands on one and do what we do best, take something and make it better or faster!

As luck would have it, one of our good customers, Mike Kelly, had just bought one of these beauties and being a racer himself, he couldn't wait for us to DYNO it so we could see what kind of horse power the new 5.0L Mustang was putting out stock and then let the Speedtek Crew tear into it so we could improve her performance.

So with only 300 miles on it, Mike left her in our hands and she was “going on to the rollers.” Bone stock it laid down 371rwhp WOW!! Impressive numbers to say the least and now the modding could begin!

First thing we did was replace the stock exhaust system by installing a killer set of American Racing Headers followed by swapping out the stock air filter system with an Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit. Then we had our professional technician give her a custom SCT (Superchips Custom Tuning) tune after which she went back onto our Dynojet Dynamometer.

The new results were awesome as it put down 424rwhp! That is a 14.3% increase or an additional 53hp with only a few mods! WOW x2!! Looks like Ford has stepped up its game and the new Camaros better look out because the 5.0L Pony is back with only a pair of spurs and no saddle!

Now that we got this Mustang all fired up and raring to go we had to put some rubber on her so she could put all that power to the ground. Mike opted for the Weld Racing AlumaStar 2.0 Series 15 x 8 inch wheels on the rear, with Mickey Thompson 3754R ET Street Radial Tire P275/60R15 tires and up front we put Lug Mt Black Anodized Weld Racing AlumaStar 2.0 One-Piece Series 15 inch wheels. Seeing as how these were 15" wheels, we needed to make some modifications to the factory Mustang suspension.

To accomplish this on the rear was easy, we just installed a few sway bar modification pieces and they went on perfectly, Awesome! As for the front well, we had hoped they would be just as easy, but as with most things in life “it ain’t that easy”.

The factory brakes were about the same size as the 15" front runner wheel so the search for front brakes was on! After some serious searching and a phone call to Strange Engineering, we had a set of light weight race brakes on the way. You see, at Speedtek Performance we love a good challenge, and finding solutions for our customers is one of our specialties. That is just one of the many reasons we have stayed in business for as long as we have and the same loyal customers keep coming back year after year.

Now of coarse these new brakes do not just bolt on, so we had to pull out the Sawzall and grinder; nothing like cutting up a brand spank’n new Mustang with only 300 miles on it. As they say, “what the customer wants, the customer shall receive” and Mike wanted those Weld wheels on it so that is what we gave him. Talk about a customer having trust in your company, Mike had it, and we were not going to let him down.

So a couple of hours later and BAM, Mike had a badass Stang with some wicked Strange race brakes perfectly placed behind some Weld Aluma-Star 2.0’s up front. With that complete it was time to dress the engine up customized engine cover and parts. These were professionally hydra-dipped with some amazing Ghost Skulls, the pictures do not do them justice, they are simply awesome looking!

With the first stage of the Mustang’s face lift complete, Mike hit the road ready to kick some ass and notch a few kills in his belt. He should be heading for the track soon and we will post up his numbers when we get them.

Future plans for Mike’s Mustang include some lowering springs, a possible cam and some type of power adder.

 ~ evil grin ~

We personally think this sweet 5.0 Mustang would rip somebody a new one if she had some boost from a Kenne Bell Blower!

Just keep watching for the next update. Hopefully we'll have the car to the track real soon...


Mike made it out to the track with his Mustang and lit it up running a 7.70 @ 93mph in the 1/8mi with a 60ft of 1.79. He was very excited as were we, and once we tune the suspension it will go even faster!

Thanks for Choosing Speedtek Performance Mike!




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